HER2 is responsible for the development of breast cancer Dr Louis W.C.Chow,Executive Director of OOTR and Medical Director of UNIMED Medical mentioned that:

․ HER2 is a special protein that found in the cell membrane certain types of cancer such protein which impairs body cells and multiples. ․ Not all breast cancer patients have HER2 expression, but it is usually found in about 25 of breast cancers.

․ Women with HER2 expression have a higher chance of disease recurrence and spread to other body parts.Therefore,medical researchers in Hong Kong are recruiting brepatients in Hong Kong to participate in international clinical trials to seek treatment who have a distinctive disease prognosis.

․ The reason of HER2 expression is the mutation of cancer cells.

․ Now there are several kinds of treatment, including chemotherapy,hormonal therapy tyerapy. There are target therapies for treating breast cancer. Anew target therapy dru a small molecule,can penetrate into cell molecules and prevent the signal of HER2 preventing the multiple of cancer cells.